Kidney Stones, A Complication Of Penicillin Use

FIFTAK: Researchers Reviewed The Medical Records Of 13 Million Adults And Children In England Who Visited A Doctor Between 1994 And 2015. Of These, 26
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Whats up? Kidney Stones, A Complication Of Penicillin Use FIFTAK: Researchers looked at the medical records of 13 million adults and children in England who visited a doctor between 1994 and 2015. Of these, 26,000 people had kidney stones, whose history was compared with 260,000 people who did not have kidney stones (as a control group).Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that some types of oral antibiotics - especially sulfamides, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, nitrofurantoin, and penicillins - increase the risk of kidney stone formation.Even after controlling for factors such as age, race, gender, urinary tract infection, other medications, and other medical conditions, this increased risk was still significant.Patients who took sulfamide antibiotics were twice as likely to develop kidney stones as the control group, while those who used penicillin were 27% more at risk.This relationship is stronger in children and adolescents. While the increased risk of kidney stone formation is still high even years after taking antibiotics, the researchers found that this risk decreases over time.Source: MedicalNewsToday
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