A Vaccine To Prevent Cervical Cancer

FIFTAK: In A New Study, HPV Infection Was Eliminated In One-third Of Women With Precancerous Lesions On Their Cervix With A New Vaccine.
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Whats up? A Vaccine To Prevent Cervical Cancer FIFTAK: In a recent study, HPV infection in one-third of women with precancerous lesions on their cervix, with a

The new

vaccine is gone.This


vaccine is a protein that stimulates the immune system to attack precancerous changes in the cervix, especially lesions known as CIN or uterine dysplasia.About one third of the women who had more severe injuries were not only cured of their HPV infection, but by injecting this


vaccine also healed their wounds and cervical injuries.

Vaccine instead of surgery

According to this research team, this vaccine is safer, cheaper and more convenient than surgical removal of wounds and can be a new way to prevent pre-cancerous changes of the cervix from becoming a disease.HPV, which stands for "human papilloma virus", is associated with a large number of cancers, including prostate cancer, throat cancer, mouth and throat cancer, rectal cancer, and

Cervical cancer

is related.In America, it is suggested that two or three doses of this vaccine be injected at 6-month intervals to girls aged 11 to 12 or finally 26 years old. In England, all girls aged 12 to 18 and boys aged 12 to 13 can get the HPV vaccine for free.The new vaccine, known as Tipapkinogen Sovacivec, can treat tissues that are infected with HPV. In the surgical method, all the tissues exposed to cancer are removed, but all the tissues infected with HPV are not destroyed, and the person will still be infected with HPV.But this vaccine can treat the cause of this infection, which is the HPV virus, and in this way, it prevents cervical tissues from becoming cancerous.Source: DailyMail
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