Teaching Three Recipes For Cooking Sour And Sweet Majlesi Chicken Wings

See Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings And How To Prepare Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings And Learn Three Types Of Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings Recipes In FIFTAK.
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various Teaching Three Recipes For Cooking Sour And Sweet Majlesi Chicken Wings

recipe for sweet and sour chicken wings

Sweet and sour chicken wings and shoulders are a simple and delicious recipe, this dish is tempting for every taste because of its taste. . You can fry or grill them, just as the guest likes. The inside of the wings is juicy and the outside is crispy.

Sweet and sour chicken wings can be a good main dish, plus, they are a great choice for a snack, the recipe of which we will tell you in this part of the FIFTAK kitchen. Just wash the wings, season the wings and they will be great. Cut the wings in half so guests can choose the part they like best. You can sprinkle some sesame on it at the end to make it more beautiful.

Tutorial on how to prepare sweet and sour chicken wings

Sweet pineapple and sour wings:


  • A cup of tomato sauce or ketchup ( 200 ml).
  • White vinegar and pineapple extract (according to taste).
  • a teaspoon of corn starch (5 grams).
  • Halved chicken wings (1 kg).
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar (30 grams).
  • Sesame seeds, salt and black pepper (to taste).
  • Mustard sauce (optional)
  • 1 or 2 rings of fresh pineapple.
  • Frying oil


Wash the chicken wings and remove the feathers or nails. Season the wings with salt and pepper. If you want to use mustard sauce, add the wings at this stage. You can get a better flavor by marinating the wings for at least an hour.

Place the wings in a covered container in the refrigerator. Pour some oil in the pan. You can roast the wings in the oven until they become golden brown. Add tomato sauce, sugar, vinegar and pineapple juice to the pan.

Then add the chopped fruits. Mix constantly, slowly. When the mixture boils, add the cornstarch previously dissolved in the water - it should be free of breadcrumbs. Keep stirring until the sauce thickens.

Add the wings to the sauce and cook for 5 more minutes. Remove from the heat and place the wings on a tray. Sprinkle sesame seeds on it and eat with rice, potatoes or bread. Vegetable puree is also good as a side dish.

Sour Wings with Sweet Pineapple

Honey Lemon and Sour Wings:

Another great option to start with. This is a delicious combination of sweet and sour.


  • Chicken wings (1 kg).
  • Garlic (2-3 cloves, 30 grams).
  • Honey (4 soup spoons, 60 grams)
  • Rose Mary, salt and black pepper (according to taste).
  • Soy sauce (4 tablespoons, 60 grams).
  • Olive oil (4 tablespoons, 40 grams).
  • Lemon juice (4 tablespoons, 80 ml).


Wash and dry the chicken wings. Combine honey, soy sauce, garlic, oil, lemon extract and salt. Also add black pepper. Put the wings in the pan and cover them with rosemary. Mix and let it sit for 1 to 2 hours.

Pour some oil on the wings and place the pan in the oven. Cook for 45 minutes. Shake the wings occasionally to prevent them from sticking to the pan. Make sure it is cooked in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees.

Sweet and sour chicken recipe with honey and lemon

How to prepare Asian sour wings:


  • Half a kilo of chicken wings
  • Water (4 tablespoons, 80 ml).
  • Soy sauce (1 tablespoon, 15 grams). Corn starch (1 tablespoon, 10 grams).
  • Orange extract (3 tablespoons, 60 ml).
  • Tomato sauce or tomato meat (1 tablespoon, 15 grams).


Wash and dry the chicken wings and then season with salt and pepper. Fry in hot oil until golden brown. Let it cool until you prepare the sauce.


Dissolve the cornstarch in a small bowl of water and make sure there are no bread crumbs in it. Put sugar, vinegar, tomato paste, soy sauce and orange juice in a pot and cook on the stove.

When the sauce is boiling, stir in the cornmeal. Stir for two minutes until the sauce hardens. When the sauce is ready, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Asian sour wings recipe

Additional notes about sweet and sour chicken wings

The preparation time of the raw materials and its necessities is about 20 minutes, and the cooking and waiting time is about 15 minutes. You can serve sweet and sour chicken wings for lunch and dinner. Note that the amount of ingredients and the recipe is suitable for 4 people.

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Teaching Three Recipes For Cooking Sour And Sweet Majlesi Chicken Wings Teaching Three Recipes For Cooking Sour And Sweet Majlesi Chicken Wings