Registration Of MBA And DBA Courses Of Tehran University

Technical Faculty Of Tehran University Has Registered Applicants For Its Winter Semester In The Field Of Business Management And At Both MBA And DBA Levels.
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Success Registration Of MBA And DBA Courses Of Tehran University

Registration of DBA and MBA courses of Tehran University

MBA course without orientation (general orientation) and the best DBA course in five specializations, including DBA financial and investment management, DBA project management, DBA strategic management, DBA Marketing Management and DBA Information Technology Management and Digital Transformation are defined and according to interest or work field, every candidate can enroll in one of the trends.

It is decided that at the end of these courses, the scholars will be recognized as a member of the specialist community of the Specialized Higher Education Center of the Technical Faculty and by receiving a certificate and valid transcripts in Persian and English from the University of Tehran as the first The University of Iran and one of the most well-known universities in the world, can prove the scientific and executive ability acquired from the MBA course and the DBA course of the University of Tehran.

MBA and DBA courses of Technical Faculty of Tehran University are based on the experience and technical knowledge of professional professors, consisting of faculty members of Tehran University, elite graduates of Tehran University, eminent personalities of the country and successful professionals. And he has an opinion.

Course schedule:

These courses are held on Thursdays from 14:00 to 20:00 and their approximate duration will be one year.

Click on the title of the one-year MBA and DBA courses to view different topics and trends.

online MBA course and online DBA course

It should be mentioned that for the first time, the new online live broadcast educational system will be used in MBA and DBA courses, which will be connected to It connects anywhere in Iran and even the whole world directly with class teachers. In this new educational system, while the quality of education has been significantly improved, the cost of traveling to and from the classroom and the risk of contracting the corona virus have been greatly reduced.

How to accept and register

Admission to the MBA course and the DBA course of the technical faculty will be based on records and documents, and the applicants can call 61119824 or 88012629 or 88652153 (with the prefix 021) of the specialized higher education center of the faculty for more information. Technical University of Tehran to get the necessary scientific advice to participate in these courses.

Also, applicants for these courses can refer to the website of the Technical Higher Education Center of Tehran University at the address and complete the course registration form. business and upload the necessary documents to apply for the course.

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