Prevent MS With These Exercises

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Prevention and diseases Prevent MS With These Exercises

Fighting MS with these sports

Many sports are recommended to patients with multiple sclerosis or MS, some of which are discussed below. The cool water pool is ideal for multiple sclerosis patients. Water prevents the body from heating up and allows them to perform a series of activities that they are unable to do in a dry environment. Using a life jacket and a swimming board can be suitable auxiliary options for patients. Training with weights, training with weights and gym equipment are recommended options. It is recommended to start training with lighter weights or even without weights. Also, heavy training that cannot be done in one day should be divided, for example, on the first day, only the upper body muscles should be trained, and on the next day, the lower body muscles should be trained.

Sports fight with MS

Yoga stretching exercises, which are a combination of breathing and slow stretching movements, can relax the body. Many patients who have muscle stiffness or reduced range of motion They experienced a good recovery by doing yoga. Pilates, this sport, like yoga, has exercises that strengthen the body and mind, and it has recently become popular among patients. Aerobics or Aerobic Exercises In the past, it was believed that exercise aggravates fatigue and muscle weakness in multiple sclerosis patients, but recent research has shown that aerobic exercise improves the quality of life of patients and reduces symptoms such as fatigue and becomes weak All movements or sports that increase heart rate and breathing rate are considered aerobic. Doing 15 minutes of aerobic exercise a day is desirable. If you get tired of doing aerobic exercises, you can divide the movements into three five-minute parts throughout the day.

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