Wheat Soup Without Meat With The Preparation Method And Additional Tips For "Wheat Soup"

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Iranian foods Wheat Soup Without Meat With The Preparation Method And Additional Tips For "Wheat Soup"

Ingredients required for cooking wheat soup

  • Peeled and soaked wheat 2 glasses
  • Washed rice 1 glass
  • Chickpeas 1 glass {/ li}
  • red beans and pinto beans together 1 glass
  • lentils 1 glass
  • greens (coriander, leeks, spinach, parsley - half a kilo
  • hot onion 1 glass
  • hot mint half a glass
  • salt-pepper and turmeric to the required extent
the complete recipe for a hearty and wonderful wheat soup

The complete recipe for delicious wheat soup

Soak the beans in lukewarm water for a few hours before cooking so that they are cooked earlier and their puffiness is removed.

To make the soup It should be in a relatively large pot, of course, it depends on the size of the soup, choose and pour water up to half of the pot and add the wheat along with peas and beans to cook. After the water boils, you should reduce the heat until the beans are cooked. Cook slowly. p}

How to prepare tasty and delicious wheat soup

After cooking wheat with peas and beans for an hour, add lentils and rice and stir regularly so that it does not stick.

When an hour has passed since cooking the rice together with the lentils and the rest of the beans, we add the cooked vegetables along with the hot mint and hot onion as well as salt, pepper and turmeric and let all the ingredients cook together. And fit in so to speak.

which is enough for about 45 minutes. If the water becomes less while cooking, you can add some boiling water little by little.

Additional notes about wheat soup

The preparation time for the raw materials and its necessities is about 1 hour, and the cooking and waiting time is about 1 hour. You can serve wheat soup for lunch-dinner-appetizer. It can also be eaten as iftar in Ramadan. Note that the amount of ingredients and the recipe is suitable for 5 people.

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