Don't Take Baby Diaper Changing As A Joke

FIFTAK: Changing A Baby's Diaper And Taking Him To A Bath Are Among The Things That Every Parent Does To Maintain The General Health Of Babies And Toddlers. Meanwhile, T
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Infant and toddler Don't Take Baby Diaper Changing As A Joke Changing a baby's diaper and taking him to a bath is one of the things that every parent does to maintain the general health of babies and toddlers. In the meantime, changing the baby's diaper is more important because it should be done in shorter intervals. From the point of view of those who have not yet become parents, changing a baby's diaper is not a pleasant task, but if any parent is asked to talk about the most interesting moments they had with their toddler, changing diapers is one of the things they will mention.

In general, even toddlers, who are always the most cooperative with their parents, may object during a diaper change and disrupt what may only take a minute or two. Usually, at these moments, many babies and toddlers scream, clap their hands and slide around making it difficult for parents to change diapers. If all parents are asked what they remember about the first times they changed their baby's diapers, they usually hear this answer: It was hard and uncooperative!

On the surface, it may seem that changing diapers is not so complicated and easy, but it should be noted that because it is related to the child's general health and microbial contamination should be removed from the child's genital and intestinal system as much as possible, paying attention to some points and Compliance with a series of criteria seems absolutely necessary.

First, consider a suitable placeRemember to choose a smooth and safe surface to change the baby's diaper and always do it there. Of course, many stores sell special tables for this purpose, which makes the process of changing a baby's diaper easier. However, it may be necessary to use a special table! and it is you who can provide suitable conditions for this purpose. Even many experts recommend changing the clothes of a baby or a toddler on the floor. Now the question arises, why should the baby's diaper be changed at a certain point? In response, it should be said that if diapers are changed at a different point every time, we will quickly spread microbial and pathogenic agents in the closed and limited environment of the house. Therefore, it is even recommended to change the baby's diaper in the right corner of the bathroom, that is, where it is close to hot water and sewage. Now the question arises that it is better not to change diapers in which places?! Dr. Robert Frank, a pediatrician from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in the United States, says: "It is strongly recommended to change diapers in places such as the food service area or places where people change their clothes after entering the house or before leaving it." They replace it, it doesn't happen.

Prepare well before thisIn fact, it is recommended to look at changing a baby's diaper as an important task. If the parents of a baby or a toddler are always at a level of readiness to change the baby's diaper at any appropriate moment, then they will never be stressed to do this, especially when they are out of the house. Remember that you should never go to another room to pick up the things you forgot while changing the baby, because by doing this, you easily spread germs and pathogens in the environment. So be sure to remember to prepare everything you think you need before changing the baby's diaper.

Clean carefully The advice of experts is that if the baby is a girl, clean her from front to back, so as not to prevent the transmission of microbial and pathogenic agents to the genital tract. Also, while changing the baby's diaper, it is recommended to throw a handkerchief or a cloth on the child's genitals so that there is no disruption in the process of changing the diaper if the urine comes out.

Carefully collect the contaminated diaperUsually, this stage of changing diapers is a relatively difficult task for many parents, because while the contaminated diapers are collected, the baby usually shows his sense of freshness and vitality by wading around.

Use a special trash can Many parents prefer to put the baby's contaminated diaper in the garbage bag along with other garbage, while this may cause germs and pathogens to spread to other parts of the garbage bag as long as it is in the house. In recent years, effective products have been presented to solve this problem, including trash cans that do not emit odors and microbial agents.

Get help from toysChanging the diaper of a baby or even a toddler usually becomes difficult due to the fact that it is associated with his waddling and this problem makes it difficult for parents. In such cases, it is recommended to use things that attract the child's attention. We suggest placing several dolls and toys around the baby while changing the baby's diaper so that his attention is directed to them. It is strongly recommended to disinfect and wash the toys around the baby after changing the diaper.

Do not forget to wash the baby's handsSince the parents' attention is focused on the quality of the work they are doing while changing the baby's diaper, they may not notice the baby touching the dirt, so it is strongly recommended that after each diaper change, the hands of the baby or toddler should be well washed. be washed

Wash your hands too As much as it is important to wash the baby's hands after changing the diaper, it is also very important to wash and disinfect the parents' hands after this. If you don't have access to a faucet at that moment, you can use a special disinfectant gel (the main ingredient of which is alcohol). In this case, make sure that the bottle containing the disinfectant is far from the reach of the baby.

Change the baby's clothes tooAccording to what was presented by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is better to change the baby's clothes after changing diapers, although it is recommended to first put them in a separate washing solution for a while and then wash them separately from other clothes with warm water. wash At the end, repeat the rinsing operation twice.

Important health adviceAfter changing the baby's diaper every time, observing a series of things will help to maintain his health and the hygiene of the environment, which are discussed below:

  • Between each diaper change, wash the area where you usually do this using a solution of soap and water or other similar compounds. Also, if you use a special waste to store contaminated diapers, disinfect it well. Keep in mind that not following these apparently trivial things will significantly increase the chance of spreading pathogens to the child. It is also recommended that if you have more than one baby at home, you should pay more attention to these things.
  • Wash and disinfect the cover on which you sleep the baby and change the diaper after each time. Try to make this a habit for yourself. It is also recommended to use disposable covers. Observing these things helps a lot to maintain the health of the baby and toddler during the use of diapers.

Advice on changing diapers outside the home

  • Always carry a diaper bag that is bigger than what you use at home to change diapers because when you are out of the house, it is not clear when and where you should change the baby's diaper. Also, you may have to change the baby's diaper on a not so clean surface, that's why using a larger pad helps to keep him healthy.
  • Always carry an antiseptic solution in the baby's bag. Use this solution when you are going to take the baby outside the house and in environments such as parks or public restrooms to disinfect surfaces.
  • Throw the contaminated diaper in the trash immediately, however, it is better to have a bag in your bag because sometimes you don't have access to the garbage surface, and in such a situation, you can put the contaminated diaper in the bag and tie it well. hit. Never forget to wash your hands well at the first opportunity, it doesn't matter how much you are in a hurry, the important thing is that the work is tied to the health of your baby. It is recommended to always have an antiseptic gel with you (baby bag).
Reading tipAlthough many parents, after reading such tips, become more obsessed with changing the baby's diapers on time and may even do it with stress, it is recommended that you never worry because the defense system of babies is very strong and usually They don't get sick due to minor contaminations left from the diaper changing process. Remember, if you have a baby at home, the contamination associated with changing his diaper is only related to him, so it usually does not pose such a risk to the baby's health, although disinfection of surfaces and hands is always recommended.

The next time you change the diaper, always remember the points mentioned above to keep his health as healthy as possible.

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