Some Good Ideas For Using Old Pillows

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House keeping Some Good Ideas For Using Old Pillows

Some good suggestions for reusing old pillows

Many experts suggest changing your pillows every 3 years, but instead of throwing them away, you can recycle them with Reuse unique ideas and creations. In this section of FIFTAK housekeeping, we will explain the methods of reusing old pillows.

Use them in the garden

Gardening is hard work, especially if you're on your knees. Take an old pillow and cover it with a garbage bag and place it under your feet while gardening.

Use it as support

Just because a pillow can't provide enough comfort for your head or shoulders while you sleep, doesn't mean it's useless. Buy a few meters of fabric and make a new pillow for your living room. You can even use the material from a few old pillows to create a pillow in a different shape.

Recycle or Compost Your Pillows

Pillows filled with feathers or down are compostable, so you can empty the feathers into the nearest compost bin and the sheets You can also contact a wildlife sanctuary to see if they can repurpose them as animal bedding.

Use it for outdoor seating

You can reupholster your old cushions with more weather-resistant fabrics for outdoor use or for garden seating. It should not be damaged by unexpected storms or bird droppings.

Make a chair

If you have some old pillows that you want to reuse, making a chair can be the best option. A simple way to make a chair is to use three or more pillows, you can always adjust the size of the chairs as you want.

Use it as a tissue

Once you've emptied the contents of the pillow, you can use the sheet like any other cloth to thoroughly dust the house.

Make Toys

If your kids have stuffed toys and dolls that have fallen apart and need some stuffing, use your old pillows and they Insert into toys and sew into new shape.

Use as packaging

Use your old pillows to send a fragile item that you fear will be damaged in transit.


Pillows that have signs of allergens or their fabrics and fibers do not seem to be healthy and hygienic, cannot be reused and it is better to throw them away. throw

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Some Good Ideas For Using Old Pillows Some Good Ideas For Using Old Pillows