Warm Air And Increased Probability Of Premature Birth Of Low Birth Weight Babies

One Of The Concerns Of The Families Who Are Expecting The Birth Of Their Baby Is The Weight, A Small And Weak Baby Who, If He Does Not Have A Suitable Weight, Will Inevitably Have To Be Fed In The First Days Of His Life.
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Family Warm Air And Increased Probability Of Premature Birth Of Low Birth Weight Babies One of the concerns of the families who are expecting the birth of their baby is weight, a small and weak baby who, if he does not have the right weight, will inevitably have to spend the first days of his life in the hospital. In fact, the weight of a newly born child is one of the measures of his health, and it is necessary for families to observe some points in this field in order to have a healthy child. However, it is very difficult and even impossible to control some factors affecting the baby's weight; One of the most difficult factors is the weather.

It may seem a little strange, but the weight of babies is greatly affected by the temperature. Based on this, the probability of underweight babies being born in tropical regions is higher than in other places. In fact, mothers who spent their pregnancy in hot climates, their children will not only be thinner, but often born prematurely. Babies who are vulnerable to many diseases due to being weak and small and do not have a strong immune system against diseases, and if they are not taken care of properly, they are very likely to have problems in adulthood.

This becomes even more important when we look at the rising temperature of the earth and the warming of most geographical boundaries, a global crisis, only one of the serious consequences of which is the birth of sick babies. Babies who often do not benefit from treatment facilities due to the increase in global poverty, babies who may turn into adults who are always sick in the future. Therefore, the need to pay attention to preventing the increase in the earth's heat as an issue that endangers the life of the future generation is not only necessary but also necessary.

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