The Importance Of Outdoor Play On Children

Take Outdoor Play And The Impact Of Outdoor Play On The Child And Children To The Park And Read About Choosing Playmates For Children And Enhancing Children's Creativity In FIFTAK.
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child The Importance Of Outdoor Play On Children

The benefits of outdoor play for children

The existence of technologies such as computers and watching TV, children spend most of their time indoors, and the concern about this led to many studies and the published results of the story One of the negative effects of this issue is on the health and development of children.

Today, families have turned to car life in big cities and most of them live in apartments. Parents spend less time with their children and people are more lonely. This loneliness has also reached children and they communicate less with friends and peers in the neighborhood. On the other hand, parents don't want to send their children to the street like before. Games such as marbles, Qayim Bashak, etc., almost no longer exist. In general, children's games have taken a different form, but we must repeat the point that nothing like children's play in the open space can cause their cognitive, physical, mental, etc. growth.

The impact of outdoor play on children

Parents may think that when a child is playing computer or tablet games, he is playing, but the deeper goals of children's play it is expected. The game must be defined; What are its features and when can we say that the game is done? In the game, one should seek to change the child's behavior and develop the child's intelligence, and at the same time, the child should be taught concepts. The more varied children's play is, the more obvious and useful the changes in behavior, intelligence and cognition will be. The purpose of the game is not just to spend time and fill free time.

Take the children to the park

In almost every big city there is a park at least once in a while. Taking children to green spaces and parks is the most important advice to parents. This should be done at least once a week. Of course, if parents have time, they can take the child to the park every day, but it is better to take the child to a specific park every time. Various parks have different toys and their own spaces, and this will increase the child's knowledge of the surrounding environment. Try to lead the child to a new game every time and do not let him stay in one space. The previous spaces must be broken. Variety in toys and changing the playground and park, etc. change the child's view of the surrounding world. One of the duties of parents is to raise a creative child. Creative child rearing occurs when the child's parenting style is creative.

Outdoor play on the child

Pay attention to the playmates and the type of equipment chosen by the child

Parents should not leave the child alone in the park. They should be aware of the situation and pay attention to the child's playmates and the type of play. Even check the equipment that the child is going to play with in terms of suitability for age and safety. Children should be encouraged to play in groups. Today, most children are only children and do not have playmates. Being busy with work also makes parents unable to spend enough time to play with their children. On the other hand, the type of game played by adults is not the same language as the child. For this reason, parents should always try to guide children to group games in parks, parties, playgrounds, etc. When the child is placed in the play environment, he interacts with the peers around him and connections are formed. It is better for families to revive old games such as Li Li, Zuo, Qayim Bashek, etc. because these games are group games.

Enhance the child's creativity while playing

In order to enhance the child's creativity while playing, you should pay attention to the first thing when going to the park or buying toys. , taste and interest of the child. Sometimes the mother is interested in a toy and prepares the same for the child. It is better to leave the choice to the child. Also, pay attention to how you can create a challenge for the child in a game so that creativity, which is like a mental spark, has the opportunity to emerge. There is creativity in humans, and the child's mental sparks must be applied.

Increase the child's knowledge about living creatures in nature

Playing in the park and outdoors strengthens the child's five senses. He gets acquainted with new living things and recognizes different birds and sounds. Walking in the park can be a fun and attractive way to learn more about the child.

independence and respecting the rights of others are taught during the game

When playing, the child enters a wide open space and social interactions make him get to know himself and his friends. He learns to respect others' turn, experiences the unknown, his sense of curiosity is stimulated, maintains his independence and learns individual and social behaviors. Note: if we want a comparison between children's play in the environment Open and closed, we must say that open environments will definitely have a greater impact on a child's psychological cognition. Of course, this does not mean that playing in a closed environment has no effect on the child. There are useful intellectual and mental games that can strengthen the child's mind and creativity just like the home environment.

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